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Company Overview

Founded by Matthew R. Beecher, Beecher Development Services is a full service facilities development solution partner for clients seeking consultation in land acquisition, planning, development, design, construction, value and LEED sustainable solution analyses.

BDS has a national presence working with multi-billion dollar corporations and real estate developers, as well as local architects and contractors, providing expert services in Owners Representation, Project Management, Sustainability Consulting and Disaster Recovery.

Offering a wide range of experience and knowledge, BDS is unique in that we offer a proven ability to execute the delivery of highly sustainable and cost effective projects, without comprising the design integrity of a building. BDS has the knowledge and understanding of building systems and believes that integration of traditionally separate design disciplines, into a harmonious single-source management, results in the effective execution of higher quality projects at lower costs.

One Lincoln Park image courtesy of Buchanan Yonushewski Group