Solar Power Feasibility Study
Lakewood, CO

Beecher Development Services was contracted by CaridianBCT to manage their recovery from a hail storm that created over $2,000,000 of damage to their manufacturing campus. During the settlement of the claim for damages, CaridianBCT was informed that nearly $800,000 of damages were not covered by their insurance policy, because of prior capital plans involving their facilities. BDS suggested redirecting the use of those funds towards the installation of solar power systems, qualifying CaridianBCT for reimbursement under their insurance policy. BDS was then engaged to conduct a feasibility study, review their current power usage, solicit bids from solar contractors and direct the financial modeling to demonstrate the case for the solar power. Upon completion of the processes, CaridianBCT contracted to install an 183kW solar power system on two of their facilities. The system will payback in four years and after rebates will cost just over $1/watt. Project Cost $805,000, Completion July 2010

Beecher Development Services is currently serving as Project Manager overseeing the installation of these new systems and is providing contract negotiations and scope writing, schedule development and implementation, design review and site overview. Once CardianBCT received their anticipated rebates and Federal grants, they will be able to complete their originally planned capital improvements.
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