In July of 2009 the most expensive storm in the history of Colorado ripped through Golden, Denver and Lakewood. Baseball size hail, high winds and micro-bursts left nearly $1 Billion worth of damage in the storm's wake. CaridianBCT, a medical devices manufacturer with a campus in Lakewood, CO realized during the aftermath of the storm that facilities staff could not implement an effective recovery effort. CaridianBCT commissioned Beecher Development Services to help manage the process. BDS put a recovery plan in place; solicited bids from local subcontractors; worked with the client's existing subcontractor pool; negotiated the contracts and managed the work.

BDS acted as the liaison to CaridianBCT's insurance company, providing estimates, scope & bid analysis, and the necessary documentation and project tracking required to insure full realization of the damage claim. One of the tasks assumed by BDS involved settling the claim for damages with the insurance company, which became questionable due to previous capital plans involving CaridianBCT's facilities. Through the redirection of funds towards solar power systems, as suggested by BDS, the insurance claim was settled.

The damage incurred by CaridianBCT during this storm produced $2.1M worth of damage on CaridianBCT's campus, which is 57 acres, with seven buildings totally 700,000 sf. The recovery work included the replacement of 108,000sf of roof, the deconstruction of a 36,000sf building that was damaged beyond repair, nearly $200,000 in landscape repair, HVAC repair, building envelope and interior repair to carpets and drywall. The contractor team managed by BDS consisted of over 30 firms, working on multiple individual repairs throughout the campus and on several buildings. The schedule was intense, with a myriad of on-site coordination and management.

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