The key to a successful project is the management process and skills to coordinate and lead multiple project consultants. BDS has successfully managed projects, delivering each within budget and on schedule. This positive result is accomplished by creating tools at the conceptual phase of any project, by preparing budgets, establishing fees, and during the remaining phases, tracking each discipline and the progress of the project to assure adherence to the parameters established earlier. Whether working with the design team, construction team or with Owner provided scope, the BDS project philosophy is to integrate the traditionally independent construction disciplines into harmonious project driven delivery.

By focusing on the building program, occupant success, and the Project's definition of success at the inception of a project through delivery, BDS projects are often able to achieve high levels of sustainability at lower than market costs. Punch-list isn't the end of the project, project management also involves the final phases of delivery, which include the successful project close-out documents and the post-occupancy details which often require professional attention, this transition determines the building occupants' impression of the building Owner and project team.