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BDS focuses on sustainable design solutions, while maintaining the original design intent and budget. The design philosophy at Beecher Development Services is to focus on the building occupant and designing to optimize the occupants' performance and success. Focusing on the building's environmental performance factors, such as Acoustic Privacy, Ergonomics, Thermal Comfort, Quality of Light, and Flexibility of Space, can enhance the quality of building occupancy for all users.

BDS also understands that each and every building must be specifically designed for its place on Earth. No matter the performance level of the glass or the tons of cooling in the HVAC system, a building must be designed with the impact of the sun in mind or a comfortable building can't be sustained. Using the "old rules of thumb" in design and construction leads to building the same poor performing buildings over and over again. A quality design process focusing on people and place will inherently result in a highly sustainable building; anything less is simply just built. By keeping some basics principals in mind and working to overcome the costs of the unknown it is possible to achieve the highest levels of performance and sustainability without increasing the construction costs.

The firm has complex understanding of buildings systems, and building design, with the ability to add value within a sustainable environment. BDS is distinct as its staff has the talent to explore and to realize the economical impact and the reward of creating an ecological environment.

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